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The proposed Community Center... a step forward

After the initial post about the proposed Community Center, there was some buzz online. This resulted in a passionate conversation with the Board of Supervisors at their August 1 session - before, during, and after the meeting - along with approximately 20 residents in the room.

By the end of the evening, there was general consensus to share more information and engage the residents to help define the future, including the location, of a Whitpain Community Center. Definitely a step forward.

We quickly hit a step-back at the Aug 15 meeting when the next stage of this initiative was again veiled in the agenda with no details. To their credit, the Supervisors presented a short summary of the project that I recommend watching (video link here, the summary starts at 27:45), and four out of five Supervisors voiced support for better community engagement. Supervisors Keller and Minnick spoke to support better collaboration. Conversations with Supervisors Badami and Koch were also positive and supportive.

Supervisor Jeff Campolongo appeared to take a different angle (any resemblance to this Totally Fictional, Make Up Story is purely coincidental). We agree to disagree with Mr. Campolongo.

The Township has also taken a resident's suggestion to create a webpage for sharing information on the Community Center. This should become the hub for public information on this project.

AND they announced a public session to review the project with open discussion on September 27 at the Township Building. (Important meeting rule: you will be able to watch online through Zoom, but you must be in the room to ask questions and engage with the presenters.)

Definitely a step forward. Put September 27 on your calendar.

Community Center Project

September 27, 7pm

Whitpain Township Building

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