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A fictional, totally made up story

Once upon a time, in a town far, far away lived a man name Jeb Camper and his spouse Whitney.

One day, Jeb wins $10,000. The only requirement is that Jeb has to use the money to buy a new car from a local car dealer, either a Ford or a Chevy. Jeb is excited. Whitney has concerns because the car will probably cost much more than the $10,000 prize - so the gift requires Jeb and Whitney to spend their own money.

But a new car would be exciting, something they have talked about before, so they agree to look into it and compare the Ford and the Chevy.

The next day, Whitney comes home and finds paperwork on the counter. It is a signed agreement for the Ford.

W: Why did you pick the Ford? We didn't discuss it yet, and the Chevy might be better.

JC: No, I haven't decided which one.

W: But this is paperwork with your name on it, and it says you made the down payment for the Ford.

JC: No, it just says I'm looking into buying a car. It doesn't say which one.

W: The paperwork says "Ford" right there. If you already started paying for the Ford, doesn't that mean you decided?

JC: No, I just told you I haven't decided. And I don't know what that paper says.

W: You haven't read the paperwork that you signed?

JC: Maybe I did, and maybe I didn't. I'm not committing either way. I just don't understand what is so confusing.

W: I'm not confused. I'm the one that read the paperwork.

JC: Well, I'm telling you I haven't decided. Why do you care?

W: You are paying for a car that you say you haven't decided to buy. So I'm concerned that you are wasting our money.

JC: I said three times that I haven't decided. What more do you want?

W: How about better communication.

JC: Are we talking about the car now?

W: Yes.

JC: You're welcome.

Whitney turns and walks away, completely flabbergasted.


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