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Reed's Nightclub property

Let's take a look at the status of this property with a movie-theme...

This tale is about Reed’s Nightclub - the property at 1486 Skippack Pike, not to be confused with the boarded-up Reed’s Barn and Country Store on the corner. That would be like confusing Armageddon with Deep Impact.

You probably remember the commotion in 2018 when we reached the end of a long and protracted story – or so it appeared. The Township passed a zoning overlay to allow an assisted living facility at the site. BUT they did it without allowing the cluster of 28 townhouses wanted by the developer (NorthPoint Development Company). A good plot twist considering the water problems in the back of the property. It looked like Good triumphing over Evil, and everyone would live happily ever after.


Flash forward and the happy-life never happened. The hero is gone. We have a different actor in the leading role, trying to convince the townsfolk not to worry about that mysterious, new construction project at the edge of town.

On Tuesday, June 21, at the Board of Supervisors meeting, Franklin Realty will give a presentation on their ideas for the property.

This is an early preview - an informational presentation only. No plans have been submitted, and nobody at the Township has seen this story yet. It is the developer’s way of floating ideas before they put more time and money into production. Will audiences cheer or boo? How much can they change the script and still get the green-light? We heard the new plan will be another Assisted Living facility but obviously not identical to the previously-approved version or we wouldn’t need this presentation at all.

Interesting prequel history: Franklin was also the developer involved back in 2007 when they were trying to put 190 townhouses (then 150, then 120…) on the property. That original storyline bombed and was eventually thrown in the dumpster behind the studio (with hard feelings intact).

Will this sequel get hammered by the critics along the lines of Police Academy 6? Or will it carry the franchise to box office success, akin to The Godfather Part II?

You are invited to attend the world premiere of this show, June 21 at 6:00. You can attend in person for the 3D Dolby Surround Sound experience OR you can stream online while you eat your homemade popcorn.

To attend Township meetings remotely, Zoom links are available on

Board of Supervisors

June 21, 6:00

Whitpain Township Building or Zoom

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