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Parcel D comes back once more another time again

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

UPDATE: Still waiting for this plan to come back around. They keep asking for a continuance. Latest is maybe July.

You may remember Arbor Crest Parcel D and the recent attempt to build townhouses - lots of townhouses - on the lot. Well, that plan disappeared only to be resurrected as a commercial design.

The concern with these requests is that once granted, what is the a possibility for the builder to alter the plan and potentially go from this:is:o from this: from this:from this:rom this:o from this: from this:from this:rom this:om this:m this: this:this:his:is:s:at the sys now occupies a single building (Building B) and the other two original structures have been rehabilitated into multiple commercial tenant (Building A) and a recently renovated commercial space looking for tenants (Building C). Which then logically leaves us with Parcel D – a section of woods with fields on each side (one previously used as a soccer field and the other an overgrown baseball field).

Important to note is that Parcel D sits between the existing Building C and the residential properties in the Deaver Drive and Maple Hill neighborhoods.

The property is zoned “Research and Engineering (R&E). This allows “Research and engineering facilities and related manufacturing and processing incidental to the research and engineering uses and operations.” (See the code online:


  • Offices for administrative, executive, professional sales and other similar uses

  • Laboratory for scientific, agricultural or industrial research and development

  • Facilities for research, engineering, designing and related manufacturing and processing incidental to the following: scientific and precision instruments and controls; electronic components, including computers; optical goods; metalized and coated plastic film; photographic reproduction, film and equipment; jewelry and timepieces

  • Corporate rental suites. When authorized by conditional use

  • Other

    • Accessory uses incidental to any of the above-permitted uses, including a cafeteria and other similar services operated by or for the employer for the exclusive use of its employees and business visitors

    • Limited storage and service of electronic, computer, pharmaceutical, optical and mechanical components as accessory to a foregoing permitted use, by special exception when authorized by the Zoning Hearing Board, subject to the following conditions:

(1) Special exceptions shall be authorized only when accessory to a permitted use within the district.

(2) The area devoted to limited storage and service shall not exceed 10% of the total floor area specifically used and occupied by the principal use to which the storage and service is accessory.

(3) The limited storage and service shall be permitted only within an enclosed building, and no exterior alterations, such as loading docks and garage doors, shall be permitted.

(4) The accessory use shall be specifically limited to materials and products such as electronic, computer, pharmaceutical, optical or mechanical components and pieces which are capable of being held in one hand by the average worker.

(5) No separate signage shall be permitted for this activity.

All of this becomes relevant when looking at the new (proposed) plan and the requested exceptions for “storage areas greater than ten percent (10%) of the building’s floor area and three loading docks per building” (Note: the plan has 4 buildings, which creates the simple math of 3 docks X 4 buildings = 12 loading docks).

The trouble with these requests is that once granted, it creates a possibility for the builder to alter the plan and potentially go from this:

To something resembling this:

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